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Town of Weddington approves sale of property to Wesley Chapel VFD

Published on August 15, 2017

Last night the Weddington Town Council approved the sale of the building at 5025 Hemby Road which was the fire station that Providence VFD occupied for $750K. This is much lower than YOU as citizens paid for the upfit and renovations and purchase 3 years ago. This property had been appraised (3 years ago) at $1.6M. There is still ongoing litigation between the Town of Weddington and Providence VFD. If Providence prevails in our allegations of fraud, one of the possible outcomes is the return of this property. Because of the Lis Pendens on this property no lending institution will touch the financial liability, BUT the Town of Weddington has agreed to help Wesley Chapel finance the purchase KNOWING it is a precarious financial decision for the citizens of Weddington.

Councilman Don Titherington implied that the Appellate court said the attempt by Providence VFD to block the sale of this property was improper.  However, what he failed to mention was that the Appellate court indicated this BECAUSE of the existing Lis Pendens on the property there was no need to have another protection in place.

Here is a link to comments and discussion from meeting held last evening, August 14, 2017.


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