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Providence VFD Temporarily Out of Service

Published on July 30, 2015

On July 28th, 2015 the flag was lowered at Providence VFD during a midnight ceremony.  The community, and surrounding fire departments came out to participate.  A special thanks to Matthews Fire Department, Bakers Volunteer Fire Department,  Idlewild Volunteer Fire Department, Waxhaw Fire Department and Carolina Fire Department for standing with us during the night and helping to secure the roads as all PVFD apparatus exited the premise.  It was an extremely moving and emotional evening.

Providence VFD is not defeated.  Our charter remains and members will be gathering together on a regular basis.  The Board will continue the legal battle for justice and our right to once again serve the community of Weddington.

PVFD Sign Off – Temporarily

The message Chief Kenny Schott spoke as he signed off speaks volumes:

Signing off – Station 32 to C-com and all County monitors after 61 years of dedicated continuous service to Weddington and surrounding areas we would like to thank everyone for their support and help throughout the years.   We will forever be grateful for the opportunity  to work with each department, and the friendships we have made throughout the years.    It is with the deepest sorrows that I inform you that, at this time, station 32 is going 10-7.

Engine 321 is out of service.

Engine 322 is out of service.

Engine 323 is out of service.

Tanker 324 is out of service.

Brush 326 is out of service.

Rescue 32 is out of service.

3200 to C-com at this time all 32 units will be clear of 5025 Hemby Rd.  You can show all 32 units temporarily out of service at this time.

Ken Schott

Chief, Providence Fire Department



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