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This page will link you to important documents to support the position of Providence VFD which continues to strive to serve the residents of Weddington.  Check back often as documents are added.  Thank you.

Filed Order re: Motion to Dismiss made by Town of Weddington - Ruling made on August 25, 2015, FILED on August 26, 2015

Filed Order ALLOWING Motion to Amend Complaint to include FRAUD - Ruling made on August 25, 2015, FILED on August 26, 2015

Filed Preliminary Injunction - Ruling made on August 25, 2016, FILED on August 26, 2015

Letter from Anthony Fox, Attorney for the Town – Dated April 15, 2015

Letter from Robert Henderson, Attorney for Providence VFD – April 27, 2015

Letter from Providence Board of Directors dated April 27, 2015

Providence VFD Revised Budget Summary of Line Items for Fiscal year 2015-16

It’s right here…this is how our Mayor promised to protect us!     Minutes from 3-14-15 Town Council meeting pages 6-8

Letter from Peggy Autry, a lifelong resident of Weddington, comments on her experience with Providence VFD during and after her home fire.  PVFD Letter from Peggy Autry

PVFD – Statement by resident Debbie Butler

Letter from Councilwoman Pam Hadley and supporting documents

Letter from former Councilman Werner Thomisser

Letter from Curtis Teague, Union County on funding for fiscal year 2015-16

Letter from Wayne Goodwin, Commissioner of Insurance, State Fire Marshal for NC

Letter from Chet Hill, Fire Rating Inspector, NC Dept.of Insurance

January 9, 2012 Minutes from Town Council Meeting (page 15) - Explanation why our reserves have been reduced.

July 11, 2011 MInutes from Town Council Meeting (see page 10)  – Wesley Chapel admits to having TOO MUCH debt.