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Town of Weddington approves sale of property to Wesley Chapel VFD

Published on August 15, 2017

Last night the Weddington Town Council approved the sale of the building at 5025 Hemby Road which was the fire station that Providence VFD occupied for $750K. This is much lower than YOU as citizens paid for the upfit and renovations and purchase 3 years ago. This property had been appraised (3 years ago) at $1.6M. There is still ongoing litigation between the Town of Weddington and Providence VFD. If Providence prevails in our allegations of fraud, one of the possible outcomes is the return of this property. Because of the Lis Pendens on this property no lending institution will touch the financial liability, BUT the Town of Weddington has agreed to help Wesley Chapel finance the purchase KNOWING it is a precarious financial decision for the citizens of Weddington.

Councilman Don Titherington implied that the Appellate court said the attempt by Providence VFD to block the sale of this property was improper.  However, what he failed to mention was that the Appellate court indicated this BECAUSE of the existing Lis Pendens on the property there was no need to have another protection in place.

Here is a link to comments and discussion from meeting held last evening, August 14, 2017.


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Unanimous Decision by the NC Court of Appeals in favor of PVFD

Published on April 20, 2017

Court of Appeals Decision No. COA 16-80

The Board of Directors at Providence VFD is excited to announce that the Court of Appeals released its decision in this matter on Tuesday April 18, 2017. A link to the decision can be found at; https://appellate.nccourts.org/opinions/?c=2&pdf=34441

As can be seen by the decision, the Court affirmed the Trial Court’s decision denying the Town of Weddington its Motion to Dismiss the allegations made by PVFD. PVFD asserts that the Town of Weddington engaged in fraud in its dealings with the PVFD when it induced PVFD to transfer their property to the Town for promises of a 10 year fire service agreement, only to shortly thereafter, once the Town had the property, cancel the agreement and kick PVFD out the property they had owned since 1984. Moreover, despite the Court not continuing the preliminary injunction that was put in place by the Trial Court, there is a Lis Pendens on the property concerning this litigation and any future purchaser of the property takes the same subject to the outcome of this litigation.

PVFD is looking forward to finally having the facts of this case brought before the public in court in a fair and open trial.

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PVFD Responds to Written and Verbal Attacks

Published on October 27, 2015

Over the past few weeks many emails, mailers and flyers have circulated claiming all kinds of “facts” concerning the relationship between Providence VFD and the Town of Weddington.  They have claimed to know details about the operations of Providence VFD and accused the department of many things.  Here is a letter which has been approved by Providence VFD Board of Directors concerning the actions associated with the Town of Weddington.  It has been mailed to residents in Weddington.  Anything other than direct communication with this fire department has NOT been approved and may not be accurate.


























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Judge Lee Rules in FAVOR of Providence VFD

Published on August 26, 2015

Yesterday, August 25, 2015, Honorable Judge Lee of the Union County Superior Court, after reviewing the documents and information provided:

- DENIED the Town of Weddington its request  to dismiss our case.

- EXTENDED the Injunction, preventing the    Town from selling or transferring the station  to anyone until a verdict from a trial by jury of  this case.

- APPROVED our amended compliant which added FRAUD to our claim in addition to the Breach of Contract.

Our attorneys will now take whatever steps they deem prudent to gather more documents and evidence to prove our case in the court of law.

No trial date has been set.

To view actual documents filed in court click the “Documents” tab above and then click on first three links.

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Providence VFD Temporarily Out of Service

Published on July 30, 2015

On July 28th, 2015 the flag was lowered at Providence VFD during a midnight ceremony.  The community, and surrounding fire departments came out to participate.  A special thanks to Matthews Fire Department, Bakers Volunteer Fire Department,  Idlewild Volunteer Fire Department, Waxhaw Fire Department and Carolina Fire Department for standing with us during the night and helping to secure the roads as all PVFD apparatus exited the premise.  It was an extremely moving and emotional evening.

Providence VFD is not defeated.  Our charter remains and members will be gathering together on a regular basis.  The Board will continue the legal battle for justice and our right to once again serve the community of Weddington.

PVFD Sign Off – Temporarily

The message Chief Kenny Schott spoke as he signed off speaks volumes:

Signing off – Station 32 to C-com and all County monitors after 61 years of dedicated continuous service to Weddington and surrounding areas we would like to thank everyone for their support and help throughout the years.   We will forever be grateful for the opportunity  to work with each department, and the friendships we have made throughout the years.    It is with the deepest sorrows that I inform you that, at this time, station 32 is going 10-7.

Engine 321 is out of service.

Engine 322 is out of service.

Engine 323 is out of service.

Tanker 324 is out of service.

Brush 326 is out of service.

Rescue 32 is out of service.

3200 to C-com at this time all 32 units will be clear of 5025 Hemby Rd.  You can show all 32 units temporarily out of service at this time.

Ken Schott

Chief, Providence Fire Department



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PVFD Files Injunctions

Published on July 10, 2015

On Friday, July 10th the following documents were filed in Superior Court.  

1.       Amended Summons            

2.       Amended Verified Complaint (with exhibits)

3.       Notice of Hearing for TRO and Preliminary Injunction

4.       Lis Pendens.

In addition, we have prepared Subpoenas, and Notices of Depositions for certain individuals.  

Amended Civil Summons

Veriied Amended Complaint and Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

FSA (Fire Service Agreement) and Interlocal Agreement


Filed Notice of Hearing TRO & Prelim Injunction

FIled Notice of Lis Pendens

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