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PVFD Responds to Written and Verbal Attacks

Published on October 27, 2015

Over the past few weeks many emails, mailers and flyers have circulated claiming all kinds of “facts” concerning the relationship between Providence VFD and the Town of Weddington.  They have claimed to know details about the operations of Providence VFD and accused the department of many things.  Here is a letter which has been approved by Providence VFD Board of Directors concerning the actions associated with the Town of Weddington.  It has been mailed to residents in Weddington.  Anything other than direct communication with this fire department has NOT been approved and may not be accurate.


























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Judge Lee Rules in FAVOR of Providence VFD

Published on August 26, 2015

Yesterday, August 25, 2015, Honorable Judge Lee of the Union County Superior Court, after reviewing the documents and information provided:

- DENIED the Town of Weddington its request  to dismiss our case.

- EXTENDED the Injunction, preventing the    Town from selling or transferring the station  to anyone until a verdict from a trial by jury of  this case.

- APPROVED our amended compliant which added FRAUD to our claim in addition to the Breach of Contract.

Our attorneys will now take whatever steps they deem prudent to gather more documents and evidence to prove our case in the court of law.

No trial date has been set.

To view actual documents filed in court click the “Documents” tab above and then click on first three links.

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Providence VFD Temporarily Out of Service

Published on July 30, 2015

On July 28th, 2015 the flag was lowered at Providence VFD during a midnight ceremony.  The community, and surrounding fire departments came out to participate.  A special thanks to Matthews Fire Department, Bakers Volunteer Fire Department,  Idlewild Volunteer Fire Department, Waxhaw Fire Department and Carolina Fire Department for standing with us during the night and helping to secure the roads as all PVFD apparatus exited the premise.  It was an extremely moving and emotional evening.

Providence VFD is not defeated.  Our charter remains and members will be gathering together on a regular basis.  The Board will continue the legal battle for justice and our right to once again serve the community of Weddington.

PVFD Sign Off – Temporarily

The message Chief Kenny Schott spoke as he signed off speaks volumes:

Signing off – Station 32 to C-com and all County monitors after 61 years of dedicated continuous service to Weddington and surrounding areas we would like to thank everyone for their support and help throughout the years.   We will forever be grateful for the opportunity  to work with each department, and the friendships we have made throughout the years.    It is with the deepest sorrows that I inform you that, at this time, station 32 is going 10-7.

Engine 321 is out of service.

Engine 322 is out of service.

Engine 323 is out of service.

Tanker 324 is out of service.

Brush 326 is out of service.

Rescue 32 is out of service.

3200 to C-com at this time all 32 units will be clear of 5025 Hemby Rd.  You can show all 32 units temporarily out of service at this time.

Ken Schott

Chief, Providence Fire Department



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PVFD Files Injunctions

Published on July 10, 2015

On Friday, July 10th the following documents were filed in Superior Court.  

1.       Amended Summons            

2.       Amended Verified Complaint (with exhibits)

3.       Notice of Hearing for TRO and Preliminary Injunction

4.       Lis Pendens.

In addition, we have prepared Subpoenas, and Notices of Depositions for certain individuals.  

Amended Civil Summons

Veriied Amended Complaint and Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

FSA (Fire Service Agreement) and Interlocal Agreement


Filed Notice of Hearing TRO & Prelim Injunction

FIled Notice of Lis Pendens

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New – Open to Public – Historical copy of Declaration of Independence

Published on June 29, 2015

On display from 10AM – 5PM in the Providence VFD training room. 

On July 4th at 1:00 PM we have engaged a professional actor to portray John Adams, in costume.  He will read a special letter Adams wrote to his wife, and then read the Declaration from an original manuscript.  

The son of one of our board members, John Houston,  has loaned the station a rare, 40″ x 36 3/4″ framed, lithographed copy of the original Declaration of Independence.  This is an exact copy of the original.  It will be on display in the training room for the month of July with special emphasis on July 4th. along with additional items.

We extend a special invitation to all, school age children to join us there, and have contacted multiple members of the media.


In 1942, Czech American lithographer, Theodore Ohman, produced this stunning lithograph of the Declaration of Independence.  The original Declaration had hung in the U. S. Patent Office from 1841 – 1876, in a hall opposite a window exposed to sunlight which accelerated the deterioration of the ink and parchment.  The combined effects of aging, sunlight and fluctuating temperature and relative humidity took their toll on the document.

In 1856, it was described by an observer in United States Magazine as “that old looking paper with the fading ink”.  

Using the last photograph taken of the original Declaration before it was permanently sealed in the National Archives in 1903 and the Stone engraving made in 1823, Ohman was able to combine the original writing with the exact present appearance of the parchment.  This required the meticulous placing of every word and signature over the cracks in the Declaration, exactly as it would be if the signatures and script were undamaged.

The Ohman lithograph, depicting the Declaration in it’s actual size is imprinted in the lower right “Copyright 1942, by the Ohman Co., Memphis, Tenn.”.

The Ohman lithograph is in the collections of the National Archives, Library of Congress, and Independence Hall.  Source:  Legendaryauctions.com – The Declaration of Independence – Original Ohman Lithograph.



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Providence VFD sues Town for Breach of Contract

Published on June 7, 2015


MONDAY JUNE 8th, 7:00 PM.

1924 Weddington Road, Weddington, NC 28104

During public comments, let Mayor Deter, and councilmembers Smith and Harrison know how you feel about their actions to terminate our Weddington, PVFD (Providence Volunteer Fire Departments) contract.

Key Facts regarding the termination of PVFD as our fire service provider:

  • On April 28, 2015, WEDDINGTON Mayor Deter and Town Council members (Barbara Harrison and Mike Smith) voted as a majority to TERMINATE the fire Service Agreement with our ISO rated 4, 60 Year Old PVFD – Providence Volunteer Fire Department.
  • Harrison and Smith voted to hand over our Weddington Fire Service to neighboring Wesley Chapel VFD.
  • May 4, 2015 the Union County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution unanimously asking Weddington Town Council to consider rescinding their vote to terminate the PVFD Contract. The Commissioners realize the safety impact of the town’s decision not just on Weddington, but our neighboring communities as well. Losing an ISO 4 rated debt free 60 year old fire company and all of its firefighting apparatus and equipment would be a loss to all of Union County. (We thank the County Commissioners for this resolution and appreciate their service; unfortunately this resolution is just a request on this matter.  Weddington Town Council has the final say on this vote).
  • Monday May 11, 2015 Weddington Town Council meeting our citizens spoke out against the cancelation of PVFD contract. There was an hour and a half of angry citizen public comments regarding this issue.
  • Hundreds of Weddington and County citizens have signed our on line petition, requesting the town reverse their decision. If you haven’t signed the petition go to www.providencevfd.com and add your support.
  • June 2015, the PVFD attorney requested the town of Weddington to either reinstate the canceled fire service agreement or pay the $750,000.00 penalty for canceling the agreement without cause. (The Fire Service Agreement also required Weddington and PVFD to hold mediations, before the agreement is canceled).
  • As of today, the PVFD ATTORNEY is pursuing all legal opportunities available.

WHEN PVFD LEAVES Weddington on July 29th, 2015 –

  • Providence- PVFD staffs 4 Certified, including 2 EMT’s firefighters 24/7/365. The new town contract with WCVFD does not require this level of service.
  • We lose a DEBT FREE volunteer fire department that has been given high ratings by independent auditors for the departments accounting practices and procedures.
  • ALL GONE – 3 Million dollars of taxpayer funded apparatus and equipment. Trucks that can shuttle 6000 gallons of water to fires anywhere in Union County.
  • We lose 47 certified professional fire fighters and EMT’s. Their jobs GONE!
  • We have no assurance from the State Fire Marshall what our new ISO ratings for insurance will be and how a change will affect our homeowner’s insurance costs.
  • WCVFD (our NEW fire service provider) will have to depend on “Mutual aid” from stations in other communities at much further distances to our homes. (Waxhaw, Hemby Bridge, Mineral Springs, Stallings, Bakers, etc.).  A fire doubles in size every minute.
  • Mayor Deter wants to sell our town owned Hemby Road station to WCVFD for less than its worth. The station is valued at approx. 1.6M.  The mayor has mentioned selling the fire station at a loss to WCVFD at a price point of $500,000.00 to $750,000.00.

PVFD is now PRESELLING: SUPPORTER OF PVFD “T SHIRTS” for $12.00 go to www.providencevfd.com

This is OUR TOWN, and we need to take it back. Come out Monday June 8th to the next council meeting and stand up for PROVIDENCE VFD and our Weddington community. 

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